Olive and Bruno's 2018 litter (above)


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A beautiful day for a hike to the falls.
Olive looking fit at the park.
French Bulldog Stud
Max going for a ride!
Let's cuddle!
Olive looking good with her family at the Russian River, CA.
Guess what Olive was for Halloween this year...
Olive and her brother as puppies
Max's favorite snack is fingers!
Olive growing up on the ranch.
Max going on his first trip to the pet store!
Mixed litter of French Bulldog puppies expected in Jan 2018
French Bulldog Stud
Max looks so comfortable in his new home.
Stella taking her first swim!
Olive and Bruno's litter of AKC French Bulldog Puppies
French Bulldogs Olive and Bruno
Baby Joaquin and Olive watching cartoons on a lazy Saturday.
"Mini is sooo spoiled." ~ Mini's new family
The family hiking at Bryce Canyon Natl. Park, Utah.
Olive spending quality time with Dad!
Family vacation to Capitol Reef Natl. Park, Utah.
Olive on a hike in Spring Lake, CA.
Olive and Makua swimming in Zion Natl. Park, Utah.
A beautiful day on the ranch!
Going for a swim in Lake Sonoma, CA.
Another beautiful evening on the ranch.
Olive and Bruno on a walk in Laguna De Santa Rosa, CA.
Going for a swim in the Russian River, CA.
Going for a swim in Bodega Bay, CA.
Settling into our cabin for the night.
On a day-long hike to the summit of Hood Mtn., CA.
Fawn male French Bulldog puppy from Oliv
Taking the dogs on a hiking trip to Bryce Canyon Natl. Park, Utah.
Onto our next adventure!!!
The family hiking in Shenandoah Natl. Park, Virginia.
Buno is king of the ranch!
The whole family enjoying a lazy Saturday morning.
Overlooking Santa Rosa from atop Taylor Mtn.!
Olive is such a character!
Going for a swim at Lake Sonoma, CA.
Olive and Bruno saying hi to the rabbits!
Hiking to the summit of Taylor Mtn., CA, and meeting its resident cows!
Back down the mountain!
Puppy love!
Home sweet home!
Gorgeous brindle female French Bulldog p
Cooling off in the Russian River, CA.
Fawn female French Bulldog puppy from Ol
2 females from Olive and Bruno's 2019 li
French Bulldog puppies playing tug of wa
Chip is a fawn male from Olive and Bruno
Chip is a fawn male from Olive and Bruno
Fawn male named Chip from Olive and Brun